Upgrading Both XO to 11.3.0

It's been a long time since I'm blogging on my Purpy and Greeny. I've getting very busy lately as I'm start my job as a Public Relation Officer of the Royal Malaysian Airforce. My job requires me to travel a lot and it consume a lot of time and efforts. Now my job specs getting narrower as I've been assigned to administer one of the Website for our organization. Now I'm ready to back to our business: Developing The SugarMail.

Today, I've start downloading the latest stable Release which is 11.3.0 firmware and installed on both my XO. The first step for me to do is to run an emulated Sugar Operating System on my Macbook Air 11". It's kind of tricky as both laptop using different OS. By using the Virtualbox, I run an emulated Sugar on a Stick v5 Coconut-RC3 using the Virtualbox and hopefully I can start my development now.

At the same time, I will promote the OLPC among my friends in the Open Source Community and bring them on the Local Community Conference or Events held in Malaysia. Hopefully by doing it this way, It will gather lot more volunteer willing to contribute to OLPC Project from my beloved country Malaysia.

Ubuntu on Purpy

Today I'll call my purple XO "The Purpy" any my green XO "The Greeny" and they're both twin right?. I had a meeting with the Director of Education Technology Department from Ministry of Education and we've discussed on OLPC and how this tiny laptop can be use as one of education tools for school kids in Malaysia especially Pahang, Sabah and Sarawak.

He ask me to try running the educational modules that been developed by Malaysian Government for primary school education using my XO. He also asked whether I manage to install Ubuntu on the XO. I told him that I'm not yet manage to do that. During the meeting, I've also show him how I reflash the XO into Debian. It's simple step actually and I manage to do it within 5-6 minutes.

Today I try to install the Ubuntu and I figured out that some of the step can be negleted and the only problem that I'm facing is only the part where we have to configure the olpc.fth files. There are two links that confused me when I have to choose which one of them.

I figured out that the first one is easier and the later got a really outdated Sugar build. I use the first one and it done really great. I just copy the developer key into the /security folder and everything done.

Now I can boot into Ubuntu on my Purpy and I've tested some of the module from Ministry of Education. Next time I'll give my full report to the Ministry. They ask me to propose a new project that implement the usage of XO in Malaysia primary school education. I'll start thinking of that when I finished my final project for my degree.

DebXO on DoubleXO

Start from today, I'll call my both XO "The DoubleXO" because they are twins. Today I've tested my DoubleXO to install Debian or easily called DebXO. Downloading 2 file which is gnome.dat and gnome.img from http://lunge.mit.edu/~dilinger/debxo-latest/images/jffs2/ and put both file in my thumbdrive.

After I reboot my XO, I just press the escape key to get the openfirmware prompt. I write the below command

update-nand u:\gnome.img

and it replace everything inside my XO's NAND disk and replace it with the content of DebXO. After waiting for about 2 minutes for it to do the replacement, I have to restart my XO manually.

On the next startup, there we goes, the startup screen of my beautiful DebXO on my DoubleXO. Next time I'll give a name to both my XO so that it is easier to explain which XO that I've mention. But still got problem with my DebXO, it has no shutdown button and I have to assign the command below to shutdown

sudo halt

So, I've read in the forum and installed the gdm using the apt-get command. Just upgrade to the latest version by running the below command.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install gdm

This will get me to login screen but still cannot login because I have not yet set the password for username olpc. Pressing the combination of ctrl+alt+f1 will bring me back to the root console where I can set the olpc's password. After login, I've just set the username olpc to be autologin everytime I boot into my XO.

Developer Key

Eventhough my university internet connection is unavailable right now, I feel like to download my developer key that I've requested from the activation server. Using my friends wireless broadband, I've browse to https://activation.laptop.org/devkey/post/ and key in my XO's serial number and UUID. Sometimes I think again, how can the Sugar can detect my XO serial number.

On the XO, I have to run the Terminal to read my XO's serial number and UUID

$ more ../.devkey.html

Just key-in the combination and it generate my developer key's link. I download it from my Ubuntu and save it to my USB storage. Copy it from the USB storage to my XO using this command

$ su
# mv /media/USB/develop.sig /security

I need to restart 3 times and press the ESC key each time I boot my XO to disable the security features. I repeat it until the open firmware print the "No wp key" on the screen.

Upgrading the XO

Today I had an opportunity to upgrade both my XO into build 801. It's quit easy, but I made it difficult. I never know that if we want to do clean install to XO, we have to put on the electric cable. The XO keep restarting every time until I put the power cable on.

Start installing the activities that I would like to try. At first I have to download the Browse activities from my laptop because there is no Browse activity installed on the first run.